To ensure superior quality and 100 % satisfaction, our ingredients are picked fresh from the local
market. Everything is made using traditional recipes, specifically for you, according to your

La Maison du Kouign-Amann does not use any artificial preservatives in the preparation of their
desserts, Kouign-Amann, snacks or savoury tarts. Most of our products can be kept for as long as
2 to 3 days after they are baked.

However, our Kouign-Amann, desserts & Cookies freeze very well. Simply let them thaw at
room temperature one hour before serving.

We also recommend that you keep our products in an air-tight box, at room temperature (no
refrigeration), so that they will remain soft and delicious.


Prior to eating our Kouign-Amann, we suggest that you warm them up in a pre-heated oven set at
350° F for 3 minutes, or alternatively, for 15 seconds in the microwave.

Ingredients and Allergies

Please, be advised that our products may contain traces of flour, nuts or dairy, which may not be
suitable for people with allergies.