Our Mini Kouign-Amann

Often imitated, never duplicated, we are glad to present you our "Star´┐Ż product, the irresistible and incomparable "Kouign-Amann". Indulgent, melt-in-your-mouth and deliciously crispy at the same time, our pure butter Kouign-Amann are baked fresh every day in an artisanal fashion, using only the finest of ingredients. One mouthful and you will be transported back to a time, when our Grandmothers knew how to craft inimitable flavours. This little marvel, on which we built our reputation, is a true treasure and the pride of the House.

Our Desserts

Indulge your sweet tooth with these classic French desserts. Each one of our specialities has been selected for their authenticity and delectability. Whether from Brittany, the Basque country or Alsace, they will give you the opportunity to discover or rediscover the exquisite cuisine of our beautiful country.

Our Deluxe Cookies

The mellow and delectable texture of our cookies leads people to say that they are the "best cookies in the world". One bite of these smooth and creamy delights will leave you unable to resist the temptation. Presented in an array of tasty and exotic combinations, they will provide you with enduring pleasure and a lasting gourmet experience.